This Brilliant Day- The Bloggers Recognition Award. Racing Tigers was nominated!

You guys, I just got some great news. There’s this little thing known as Blogger’s Recognition Award and I was nominated !


Thank you Esme Slabs over at who nominated me for this award! I’m humbled beyond words and find it difficult to believe that my little lifestyle blog was on anyone’s radar.

A little over 2 years that I started blogging and it’s been an amazing journey since then. What is it like to build a website, a blog, a brand? I had never dreamt of experiencing anything close to this.

To put yourself out there and write about topics that please you in a thousand words or more and have other people read them, requires gut and patience. I lack both.

Had it not been for the motivation and egging I received from my husband and my own network of super supportive blogger friends; I might have given up on this long ago.

While I have a big list of bloggers that I look up to for inspiration, I will name a few here who inspire me and keep me going.

Justine Warne, Kim Davis Berry, Esme Slabs, Brenda Garza West, Cindy Lauderdale Moore, Jenny Toney Bhatia and Ashley Marie are a few handpicked names who have given me an abundance of love and support for what I do.


Today I will talk about a dear friend and an outstanding food and lifestyle blogger- Esme Slabs, since I had the priviledge of being nominated by her.

She is not just supportive and understanding; she is also a thorough professional who is well running a blogging empire with hardcore values- a rare combination of hard work, honesty, ingenuity and fairness.

Always ready to help you tackle blogging or traffic related issues, she comes up with the most innovative ideas to increase traffic to a website.

Her latest creation is B.O.S.S. Check it out here.

Drop her a line if you’re in need of assistance in any of these areas or if you just want to chat about cooking and baking. She knows her way around the kitchen a little too well.

Now apparently, I am supposed to answer a few questions as part of my acceptance, so here we go :

How did Racing Tigers start?

Hmm…. good question. I started Racing Tigers because the passion I had for writing needed an outlet. I was aching to get to writing on a regular basis because I simply could not contain my ideas within myself anymore.

My passion for creativity and write about topics on Parenting and lifestyle. My biggest inspiration is my husband, who designed this website from scratch.

A corporate himself, he roughed it out again at home even after working for 12 hours in office. I remain infinitely indebted to him for having given wings to my dream.

My Advice To New Bloggers

Tame The Squirrel and Write…Write…Write

So many times we talk about not getting much done or having the squirrel syndrome, where you jump from action to action. This is quite understandable in a new blogger since there is such a rush of ideas, that you’d want to write about all of those all at once. Dianna Booher in her e-book on e-writing writes; You loose time and continuity in getting into a project each time you temporarily put it aside.”

Don’t wait for the flash of light to get you into writing. Writing is not a skill you are born with. Writing is a skill you develop. It’s important, to plan, keep notes, and set aside blocks of time to write. Faithfully devote two to three uninterrupted hours each day for writing.

Write about reader-worthy topics

Don’t waste time trying to cook up out of the box content. You really don’t have to sit there trying to think of the most unique content in the world. Blogging is really common sense. Write about topics that a lot of people are interested in reading about.

People want solutions to their problems. They want to know how they can loose 6 pounds now or how they can cook up a quick recipe. They are really not interested to know how awesome your kids are.

I Nominate

The second part of my acceptance is to nominate 10-15 other bloggers. These ones I’ve chosen are some awesome cool blogs that I’ve come across and are fun to read and follow.

Don’t fret they are not all lifestyle blogs….though there’s nothing wrong in that!

In NO specific order

1.The Midlife Melanin Mama (LeDonna Nubin) A beautiful voice for Geriatric parents

2. Journey With Healthy Me ( Cindy Lauderdale Moore) Healthy recipes and a healthier lifestyle at any age

3. Living a Boss life (Jenn Summers) goal strategist coach

4. Down Aspen Lane (Marie Cory) creating meaningful connections in home, community and world

5. Tiny Soda Mama food, recipes, parenting

6. Forever My Little Moon ( Ana Beggins) Parenting, lifestyle

7. Explore Kid Talk ( Rachel Kay) parenting and lifestyle, 1:1 Parenting Coach

8. The Extraordinary Only (small business strategist)

9. Optimized Life ( Sandra Tanner) Health and Wellness

10. GALA SERK (Gala Serks) Book Writer, Publisher, Author

What Now?

The nominated bloggers are up next. These are your rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you….

*ahem* that’s me.

2. Write a blog post about the award- you guys are well aware by now, what that entails.

3. Briefly tell us about two things:

a. How did your blog get started?

b.Provide a minimum of two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

4. And lastly, choose another 10- 15 bloggers that you feel should be nominated. You must let them know that they have been nominated for this award, AND provide them with a link to your post.

Ok, that was it! Thank you so much for bearing up with my long-windedness today. It was incredible sharing all of this with you all. ?

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Kim February 25, 2020 - 9:33 am

So happy for you Talat. Your blog is an inspiration! Your dedication and hard work show in every detail.

Cindy Moore February 25, 2020 - 10:29 am

Loved learning more about you and thank you for nominating Journey With a Healthy Me! I’ll pay it all forward!


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