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How are you planning to clean up your Bedroom in less than 15 mins this Fall with kids at home? Because if you are trying to clean up with kids around; that’s about time you are going to be getting to clean it up! Cleaning up is also absolutely necessary because it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep in a crowded, cluttered bedroom. We will look at the ideas on what needs to be cleaned, tips on how to clean fast and efficiently and a checklist so easy that it’s a no brainer even for brand new moms. Plus a lot of hacks to keeping your bedroom clean and tidy.

The focal point around the bedroom, – the bed, isn’t just a piece of furniture: sound sleep ensures that you are ready to go from the moment you wake up.

Hey, there all hardworking moms! Do you really want to slay the dirt dragon in your bedroom but have only 15 minutes to spare? Perfectly possible. Keep reading. This post is all about how to tidy your bedroom this fall because spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be done in the spring.

Summer days are coming to an end and fall is approaching fast. Regardless of whether you get excited about sweater weather and pumpkin-flavoured everything, it’s a good idea to undertake some fall home preparation while you still have access to warm sunny days and outdoor clotheslines.

The following fall cleaning and decorating checklist for bedrooms can help you clean-up your bedroom this fall with kids around you even if you have only 15 minutes before visitors walk in!

Grab Your Basic Cleaning Kit

To do your homework quickly, it’s vital to have the appropriate materials to hand and ready to use:

A hamper to put clutter items. Makes it that much easier to collect items than with a box or basket

Small brush and Dustpan- choose a combination that allows you to have them immediately to hand

Dust cloths- Traditional cotton cloths or the timesaving choice to use microfibre cloths and mitts

Paper Towels- Useful for dealing with quick spills

Mop- For stone floors

Vacuum Cleaner- Choose one that’s appropriate for your floor type

Clever Bedroom organising ideas,
Clever Bedroom organising ideas

Bed making made easy

Duvets make bed-making really easy. A few shakes and you are done! If you haven’t given up on using sheets and blankets during winters, consider switching over to a Duvet. Depending on the climate you live in consider World famous Jaipuri Pure Cotton Double Bed Comforter (also popularly called as Dohar) in traditional Sanganeri Hand Block Gold Print of Rajasthan (India). These Comforters are usually 3-layered cover with a fluffy middle layer of High-Grade Flannel sheet between two layers of cotton fabric. It is better known as AC Comforter for its use in any climatic condition from mild winters to AC bedrooms.

Each day, fold back the bedclothes or the Duvet towards the foot of the bed, open the windows, and air the bedroom with fresh air.

Give your pillows and the Doona (Duvet/Dohar) a good shake before you start making the bed.

I always choose machine washable Duvets to keep them fluffy and clean. Here’s a clean little hack to get them washed. Place three tennis balls in the drum to prevent the filling of the Doona from accumulating in clumps. Dry it thoroughly in the dryer along with a capful of fabric softener/conditioner.

Start at the Night Tables

Start at the night tables and toss anything that needs to be trashed or recycled. Similarly, go through the nightstand drawers doing a quick clutter- sweep, toss or recycle the adjustment

Sparkling windows

Everything looks suddenly lighter and brighter with clean windows. Often ignored but trust my word, If you’ve got time for just one job before the visitors arrive, do the windows. Use a commercial spray or even a homemade one. Wipe with newspaper scrunched into a ball. PS: don’t work in direct sunlight, as this causes the product to dry too quickly, leaving streaks behind.

Alternatively, use a thick soft microfiber cloth to banish elbow grease in a minute.

Put Dirty Clothes in the Laundry Basket

Since you’re in a hurry don’t worry about unrolling socks or checking shirt pockets. Reserve them to when you are sorting laundry before putting them into the washing machine. For now just grab all the dirty clothes and put them in the hamper before kids add more to the pile.

Collect and Hang up all Clean Clothes

If you have a significant amount of clean clothes waiting to be folded but you are absolutely short of time; here’s a quicky. Grab another empty clothes hamper and tuck them in. Do remember to take a few minutes to fold them up before bed.

Pick up all the Misplaced Items

Pick up Lego and all items from the floor, bed, desk that belong somewhere else. Don’t try to pick them up one at a time. Just gather them up and put them into a basket for now and move on. I am always extra vigil on this step because very soon we find the basket overflowing from these mini cleanup times so we sort and clean them up weekly. Usually on a Saturday.


Wash Light Fixtures and Dust Or Vaccum Lampshades

Turn off lights and soak any removable hardware, such as casing, harp, etc in soapy water. Vaccum or dust the shade with a damp microfiber cloth. Clean between pleating using a kid’s toothbrush.

Sweep, Mop and Vacuum

Don’t move furniture around to sweep, mop and vaccum. Just do a quick run through.

Taking Care of Accessories ( Bonus tips for last-minute knick-knack cleanups)

If dust has accumulated on a lampshade, going over it with a mini vacuum cleaner or an adhesive roller will clean it up in no time.

If you have bronze objects in your bedroom that have been stained with verdigris, simply soak them in white vinegar and rinse them well.

Place a camphor ball next to your silver cutlery to prevent it from becoming tarnished too quickly.

To ensure that your silver accessories remain shiny, rub them with a piece of chamoise leather after cleaning.

Spray a fine layer of hairspray on objects made from copper and brass – it will protect them from dust and stains until the next major cleanup.

To eliminate deposits on a vase, without rubbing, fill it with water and vinegar, and if your vase is sturdier, add a little sand. Give it a good shakeup and rinse well.

In conclusion (a word of caution)

With children at home nowadays, it is so important to not just think about cleaning quickly – also think about safety. Avoid placing any bedside light next to anything covered in netting (curtains or mosquito nets) to prevent accidental fires. Never install Halogen bedside lamps in children’s bedrooms. Halogen lighting in particular generates very intense heat, which could lead to serious burns if touched accidentally!

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