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What could be the most effective ways for an organised and beautiful kitchen which is also people-friendly? Consistent use of materials and integrating as many appliances as possible – as well as keeping clutter to a minimum- creates a well organised that looks good and feels spacious, without sacrificing function and goes a long way in creating a beautiful, people-friendly -organised kitchen!

Hey ya’all! Happy Tuesday! I reorganised my kitchen recently and its made all the difference. Threw out everything that didn’t bring us joy. As I screened every item in my kitchen, I gradually got on board and analyzed what we needed in the kitchen and why. Answering this question, in all honesty, is essentially the first steps towards an organised kitchen.

Get to your kitchen and screen every item shelf by shelf to see what can be thrown away and whats needed to be kept. I totally agree it’s a relentless cycle; the kitchen gets dirtier than many other places in the house. And because it’s where we prepare our food, we want it to be the cleanest. At the very least, a dirty, or messy kitchen is an unpleasant and stressful place.

Here’s the thing: Even if you think you’re cleaning your kitchen well and it looks nice and tidy, you could be missing spots or neglecting chores that will make it all run more smoothly and safely. The key to successfully keeping your kitchen clean without feeling like you have to obsessively watch over it is a well-laid plan.

Here’s a breakdown of tasks that will help keep your kitchen organised and sparkling everyday, week, month and year.

How to Create An Organised Kitchen ?Having trouble accommodating everything?

Here are some clever kitchen storage ideas

If cupboards and pantries are too deep you’ll waste time looking for things. To maximise time efficiency and accessibility, install a carousel or pull-out shelving. I always prefer drawers rather than cupboards in a small kitchen as they offer better use of space and save a lot of back strain. There are hundreds of handy storage solutions available, but for time saving efficiency, try these:

  • Self-closing pull out drawers
  • Pull- out baskets
  • Open shelving
  • Glass-fronted units
  • Hanging rails
  • See-through containers
  • Swing-open Rubbish bins on the cupboard door under the sink
Create An Organised Kitchen

Reserve enough benchtop space to layout cookbooks, ingredients and utensils. I prefer a simple and functional cooking stove rather than a fancy one that only occupies unnecessary space. However, extra storage can be made by attaching racks or hanging rails beneath overhead cupboards and inside of cupboard doors. Choose the lower cupboard doors for it to be extra handy! A magnetic knife rack has caught my fancy and I am seriously considering installing one for my beautiful knife collection!

Organising Cupboards: Easily stored and easily found

Choose a permanent place for everything – don’t just store things where you happen to put them. If each item has a set place, you’ll save considerable time. Which means you won’t have to search for items at the last minute, and the whole family will know where things are without asking…and where they should be put away after being used.

Group the things that go together in the same place so you don’t have to repeated small trips to bring the things you need for a particular something. For instance, store coffee paraphernalia and the cups in a cupboard near the coffee machine and frying pans and saucepans near the stove.

Place all the containers and packages that you don’t use everyday at the back of cupboards, or on higher shelves and place the foodstuffs with a later use-by-date behind those that should be consumed sooner

In the pantry, throw away things that are no longer fit to be consumed: condiments that have lost their colour and taste. Ready made cake mixes because you are always tempted to mix your own healthy option.

Finally opt for cupboards with glass doors. That way, you don’t have to open five doors to find a saucer!

Organise the Fridge for an ideal fridge

There’s nothing more annoying than planning a meal, only to discover that half the ingredients have gone past their expiry date while a few others are missing because you never organised them properly in the first place.

Here are some timesaving tips to get the most out of your fridge.

  • If you are buying a new fridge and ditched the old because of futuristic advances in its design and function; choose one with adequate capacity and adjustable shelving so that you can organise it’s content properly.
  • Don’t overfill your fridge as the air needs to circulate

Create a people-friendly kitchen

In order to create a people-friendly kitchen, it is important to plan the build of your kitchen that’s connected to the living areas so you can maintain contact with your family and friends while you’re preparing meals or cleaning up.

One way to achieve this is to include a servery that’s open to the dining area which is essentially a window between the kitchen and the dining room.

If your kitchen is large enough…A bench with high stools in the kitchen allows guests to sit and chat with you while you cook. And it also doubles as a convenient breakfast bar speedy, early morning departures, or lunch for one, or a place to catch up and enjoy an after-snack with younger children.

If you have enough space, try to include a small eating area or breakfast nook. This could consist of transformable furniture such as a half-moon table, a folding table attached to the wall with folding chairs to complement.

Create An Organised Kitchen Checklist For Stress free Cooking

As you establish your cleaning routine, keep these smart tips and tricks in mind:.

  • Remove contents of the pantry, throw out everything infested with weevils or past its use-by date, and wipe over the shelves.
  • Take everything out of the fridge, cull the half-empty jars and anything past a use-by date, thoroughly clean the fridge – inside(including shelves and crispers), outside, underneath and at the back. Wipe over the door seals with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and a few drops of clove oil to inhibit mould and impart a fresh fragrance.
  • Clean and disinfect the dishwasher by operating it when it’s empty, using an appropriate cleaner. Use this if you want to DIY; Soda Bicarbonate in the detergent tray and Vinegar in the rinse additive holder.
  • Renew washing-up brushes and scourers
  • Thoroughly clean the splashback and wall tiles
  • Clean and defrost the freezer, discarding any UFOs (unidentified frozen objects)

Do these twice a year for an even more under control kitchen

  • Empty out cupboards and drawers; Vaccum the drawers and wipe out the cupboards.
  • Get rid of cracked glasses, badly chipped plates, kitchen implements you never use, threadbare or torn tea towels and ancient kitchen sponges.
  • Wash the grid of the exhaust fan and replace the filter
  • In hard-water areas, de-scale coffee machines and the kettle using water and vinegar
  • Clean curtains and blinds
  • Wash all windows

Out of cleaning products? No problem. Your kitchen might have what you need. Lemons, baking soda and vinegar can be used as DIY cleaning substitutes.

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In Conclusion

Keeping the kitchen organized, cleaned, de-cluttered, and well-stocked is a monumental and never-ending task. But breaking down all chores into manageable daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores helps turn all the shoulds into tasks that are regularly and deliberately accomplished. However that being said, with practice, many of these necessary and helpful kitchen tasks become second-nature habits that get done just like that!

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