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As kids grow up they want to move around, explore opportunities and push boundaries. So the best thing parents can gift themselves is a GPS tracking device that helps them to keep track of their kids on summer outings, in parks or keep track of their movements even when they are in school. GPS trackable devices help keep track of your child’s whereabouts without being too intrusive.

GPS trackers are trackable devices that come with dedicated mobile apps or desktop software that allows you to see the location of the tracker on a map at any time. They’re small and come in several forms, such as watches and tag-like plastic discs.

GPS tracking devices are small and tough with two main parts: a built-in GPS receiver and a cellular radio transmitter. They pinpoint their positions from the GPS satellite system then transmit location data to a server using a cellular provider’s network. This means that they require a SIM card and cellular service in order to work. Nowadays GPS receivers are also present in cars and on most smartphones.

Why Use  GPS GPS tracking device for Your  Adventurous Kids?

Your kids are a part of you; you love them and want them to be happy and safe, wherever they are. While you can’t necessarily accompany them everywhere. Using a GPS tracker for your kids helps reassure you that they’re where they should be. In the unfortunate circumstance that your child goes missing, a tracker can help reveal where your child currently is as well as their recent travel history. Most trackers have a panic button your child can press in emergencies, and premium units even allow for two-way calls and texting.

Best Child Tracking Device To Monitor Little Feet and Aged Parents :

These trackable devices can help you monitor your children better. If you worry about your aging parents, senior citizen trackers can let you view where they are. If you have adventurous pets, pet trackers can easily be attached to their collars to let you see their current location. You can also keep tabs on your valuable possessions – like cars and recreational vehicles.

1.GPS tracking device for kids

GPS tracking device

Dual mode positioning: Check the position at any time anywhere. Achieve all-day real-time location tracking, check the position at any time and anywhere.

Remote voice monitor: The watch needs to set monitor number firstly. After give voice monitor command, dial to monitored number. This is a one-way talk.

GEO Electronic Fence: Set an area in advance, if your kids go out of the area, the alarm will go off thus ensuring your kids’ security.

SOS emergency call: If your kids are in danger just to long press SOS key for 3s. It will display SOS on screen.Watch will be on alert state. Circular dial 3 SOS numbers for two will stop when call answered. If not, it will continue until the two turns over. A watch can send message to monitor number.

Alarms system: SOS alarm, low battery alarm, take off the alarm(And with the special tamper-proof strap, an alarm immediately occurs if anyone attempts to cut off the wrist. 

2. Cache Advance Clownfish Cachekinz Trackable Device

Trackable on

Has its own unique icon on

Fun for adults and kids

3. My Buddy Tag

GPS tracking deviceTag uses Bluetooth generation and an Android or iOS app to help you hold tabs on your toddler. 

The pal Tag trackable device also has a panic button on it which sends an alarm to a caregiver’s smart telephone when pressed by the kid. It is also water-proof and sends an alert to a smartphone if it remains submerged for 10 seconds, which enables to prevent accidental drowning.

How Else Can a GPS tracking device Be Used?

These trackable devices can be used for fun too. In fact, Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. In its simplest form, a cache always contains a logbook or log sheet for you to log your find.

Larger caches may contain a logbook and any number of items. These items turn the adventure into a true treasure hunt. You never know what the cache owner or visitors to the cache may have left for you to enjoy. If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value in return. Quite often you may also find a trackable, a sort of geocaching “game piece” It’s free to play and there are geocaches EVERYWHERE! Probably there are some very close to you now.

You download the app on your phone and go search. Caches are rated by terrain and difficulty, so start with an easy one. They can be hidden in plain sight, in a cave, or up a tree. It’s great fun and makes a walk more pleasurable. Caches are in cities and countryside. Some trackables are in a race with others to travel the most miles in a year. So you get out of it what you want. I think it is where Pokemon Go got the idea from really (!).


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Thanks for sharing such a great information. In today’s generation GPS Tracking Devices are the most helpful means to track the real-time location of the vehicle. This helps you to know the accurate and precise location of your vehicle, asset and loved ones.

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Thank you for sharing this blog. GPS trackers make life really peaceful for family-oriented people as it is possible to know your aged parents and little kids are safe at home. This post and the images you have shared with this post are very useful. Keep sharing such posts from you.


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