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Hello and welcome to the Modern Parent’s, “Mom’s Digital Edition For Mommies Online.” I am Talat Islam, mother to two little boys and the founder of this group meant exclusively for parents, especially mothers.

The ultimate purpose of this group is to empower each other through education and support. If you are going to ask questions about motherhood then it makes sense to ask mothers!

This makes it a really safe space to ask stupid questions and also provide your own input when others ask questions too, without fearing judgement.

The series of “Mom’s Digital Edition for Mommies Online” was started to enlighten and support ALL mothers at-home or working and help them in effective parenting for raising tomorrow’s child.

Almost every mother I meet, changes my perspective of parenting and life in general. Meet Jenn Summers, goal strategist coach.
She shared some much needed tips and tricks on how parents of children under quarantine can manage stress.

A Mom’s Surefire Ways To Beat Anxiety |Manage Stress with Jenn Summers.

We love our kids, but let’s face it, parenting is stressful enough without being stuck inside with antsy children due to the corona virus pandemic.

No more attending school.

Forget about movie theaters. And skip other public places where you’d normally go.

Social distancing is the new normal, and that means no playdates either.
With all of this additional pressure, it is understandable that we loose our cool.

Let’s hear from Jenn in this Facebook live hosted by the Modern Parent Group on how she deals with all the stress while still keeping her energy levels going. Her tips are amazing. Listen to them below.

Mom’s Digital Edition For Mommies | Manage Stress with Jenn Summers

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Manage Stress with Jenn Summers
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Here are some more Surefire Ways To Beat Anxiety and Help Your Family through the outbreak

Self care is important, but if it feels as if the causes of anxiety are all around you, take heart: so are the cures. Mental illness is something that plagues people everywhere around the world. Depression and anxiety are silent killers. They may not cause physical death, but they cause each and every individual affected by them to lose a piece of themselves. I have never had to battle depression myself but I know friends who suffered. Unlike general worry, anxiety attacks come on suddenly and with overwhelming force.

According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, stress is often a reaction to a threat or danger that is usually vague and many times unknown. You feel worried but not quite sure why. Research suggests, anxiety can manifest itself via any number of symptoms, which include sweating, tummy churning, rapid heartbeat, irritability, poor concentration, and unwanted thoughts or behaviour.

For those times when you feel anxious, here are some ways to be kind to yourself and lessen the worries.

A warm scented bath to soak away your cares

I love lavender and it is my go-to oil whenever I want to relax. A warm bath is one of the most pleasant and reliable ways to soothe your senses. To enhance it’s effect add some lavender oil to the tub and soak away to your heart’s content. Lavender has been used for around 2000 years to relax and soothe the nerves Although no one knows what gives this wonderfully scented herb it’s ability to calm.

If I don’t have time for a bath, I dab a little lavender oil on my temples and forehead and sit quietly for a few minutes to relax with a book. Works wonderfully and will put you on the slumber pillow.

Sip something soporific

Drinking a glass of warm milk – an old fashioned remedy for insomnia- really works, and at anytime of the day. It’s great with a little added malt or honey, too. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid used in the production of the brain chemical serotonin, which enhances feelings of wellbeing. If you love a turkey lunch, finish it off with a banana milk shake. Bananas and Turkey are also rich in tryptophan.

Make and sip relaxing teas

Three flowers used to make relaxing teas are lavender, lime tree, and orange blossom. Any of these sweetly scented teas taken at bedtime will help to encourage a good night’s sleep. Passionflower is another gentle sedative herb that can be used for relieving anxiety; it is particularly soothing as a settling tea, taken at bedtime. Also try this stress relieving warm floral tea. It is delicious, fragrant and relaxing!

Don’t be the one to make symptoms worse for yourself.

Watch your caffeine intake and limit yourself to a minimum amount of tea, coffee, or cola drink per day. Studies suggest that people with anxiety symptoms may be especially sensitive to caffeine.

Psychologists often warn against excessive intake of wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks. While they seem to subdue anxiety at first, when the alcohol wears off, it can actually increase anxiety.

Lift your spirit. Go back to your scriptures

Whatever your religion, try to attend your place of worship. In a study of 4000 older people, researchers found that those who frequently attended religious services were half as likely to be depressed than those who didn’t. As a practicing Muslim, I am required to pray 5 times a day, as Namaaz and I find this the best way to ebb away anxiety. When you connect to your creator, who alone has the power to turn things in your favor, all weights seem taken off in an instant.

Work it out

Numerous studies have confirmed that frequent exercise can be a powerful mood enhancer. For mild and moderate depression, it works even as well as antidepressants. All one needs is 20 mins worth of exercises 3 times a week. Walk, lift weights, jump a skipping rope, cycle – any form will do. Work up a sweat.

Put it in writing

As a blogger who has chosen writing as profession over everything else, I cannot stress enough what a wealth of wellbeing I have uncovered. Record your feelings on paper- especially painful feelings. Research shows that people who write about their most painful emotions for 20 minutes a day dramatically improved their psychological wellbeing after just four days. Sit with a blank piece of paper in front of you and write nonstop about the most distressing event happening in your life at the moment. don`t think; just write.

Mom's Digital Edition For Mommies, Manage Stress with Jenn Summers
Mom’s Digital Edition For Mommies | Manage Stress with Jenn Summers

It’s important to turn around one’s thinking. Here’s how

Take a factual approach. Challenge irrational beliefs that chip away at your confidence. If you think people are laughing at you, look again. Are they laughing at something else?

Don’t try to be perfect. It isn’t possible- and you know that. So why worry if someone doesn’t like you or if you’re not in control and able to deal with every situation?

When something bad happens, don’t automatically think the worst (I failed because I’m stupid). There are usually many reasons why things go wrong. Look at them objectively and focus on what you can change (I’ll do better next time)

If self-examination does reveal personal weakness, don’t dwell on it. Try to keep the implications from spiraling (I’m useless. I can’t do anything well’). Recognizing that you may be weak in one area doesn’t make you a weak person. Instead, that knowledge can help you to identify where best to invest more efforts and guide you to your strengths.

Loosen your grip on the controls. Inevitably, things won’t always go your way, nor can they be expected to. Accept that the world is not and cannot ever be under your control and strive to calm in the face of adversity. That way, two problems- the upsetting situation and your reaction to it – are whittled down to just one.

In Conclusion: The power of prevention

Feed your brain and your nervous system.

If you want to get rid of stress, it is so important, you feed your nervous system and brain with a healthy diet.

When your brain and nervous system are healthy, you are in much better control of yourself and your surroundings. You take better decisions. Because the central nervous system plays a role in healthy functioning of the rest of our bodily systems, we are benefiting both mind and body when choosing to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fats and essential minerals that provide protection against degenerative diseases and give much-needed energy to go throughout the day. I have a post here that gives a complete list of brain foods; check this out!

Turn the television off

Research suggests that the longer you watch television, the more your mood suffers. Watching hours of sitcoms repeats, movie marathons or game shows may seem a good way to relieve stress, but contrary to this, studies have shown that people who watch a lot of television tend to have intensified feelings of isolation.

Get enough sleep- try a cup of green tea to induce sleep

Studies have shown that people who consistently get less than 8 hours of sleep a night tend to have lower serotonin levels than those who get a full night’s rest. The presence of a compound called Theanine in green tea acts as a main sleep-inducing component. IT also acts as a nerve relaxant and reduces stress and neuron excitement in the brain

To help ensure a good sleep every night, try to go to bed at the same time of an evening and rise at the same time every morning- even at weekends. Using essential oils effectively could help you sleep better. Check out this post of “6 Natural essential oils that will put you on the slumber pillow”. If you doubt “Why Essential oils are so famous, check out this list of do’s and dont’s you must know before you them.

Phew…..!!! that was all about it. I spewed out everything I had read and gathered about anxiety management because I am, like all of you mothers, has also been thrown into a loop with two boys.?

Most days Iam just so clueless. But that is how it is and one day this will all be over!!

So, before I close this, let me quickly give you an idea of how you can participate and benefit from this Facebook live, and then a little bit about my blog that is growing every day.

Participating in the Mom’s Digital Edition for Mommies Online series

Mom blogger’s are welcome to participate in this Facebook live in the Modern Parent Group.

So basically you take up any parenting related topic to prepare. I’ll promote you 2 days before the podcast and you talk about it in a 5-10 min session

Message me personally with these 3 things

  1. A blurb about your topic
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Co-admins, Esme, Sadhna and I will take care of the rest, so you can concentrate on your topic.??

“ The blog and its importance. I’d like to let you know how this blog makes me so happy. I’ve never put so much time into something that has instantly begun to pay me back in so many ways.

The connections I’ve made with fellow bloggers worldwide, who are such wonderful friends now. They don’t just share your passion and vision but are such extraordinary cheerleaders too. The connections I’ve made with readers and the extra connections I make with new friends who text me about things I’ve written about. For me, blogging has truly been much more than just how well you express yourself in words. And my little blog has given me more happiness and satisfaction than anything, I have ever attempted before.

Do you want a start a blog? I have you covered my friend. Here is a detailed post to get you started: How To Start A Blog To Make Money And Build A Business. Also, Join “Blogger’s Influence” – a group exclusively for bloggers to share their blogging journey. We have daily threads to keep the momentum going

If you are on Pinterest, join our Tailwind tribe.

Questions For You

Do you have a recent tip to share that has helped you cope with all the anxiety that’s spewing everywhere. What’s in store for your children that would help them adjust better amid all the anxiety? Do you have any useful apps to share with the group?

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Jenn Summers July 30, 2020 - 3:42 am

Thank you so much Talat. This is such a wonderfully put together post. I hope your readers are able to find some relief during this crazy time. All my best. Take care ❤️

Talat Yasmin July 31, 2020 - 3:12 am

Jenn, I owe you a big thanks for starting a Youtube Channel just for the sake of this post. You are such a gem!

MAnju. July 30, 2020 - 9:17 pm

Turning the TV off. Absolutely! I have quit watching TV for years now and my life is more peaceful and relaxed

Talat Yasmin July 31, 2020 - 3:13 am

Absolutely agree with you, saves one a lot of time too!

Brooke July 31, 2020 - 2:57 am

thank you for promoting self care! so many people feel guilty about taking time for themselves! especially moms!

Talat Yasmin July 31, 2020 - 3:10 am

I so agree, which is why I went on to write this longish post!

Ms E July 31, 2020 - 10:28 pm

Thanks so much for all these reminders. I do agree with Jenn, we need to create new habits to adjust to this new way of life.

Jenn Summers March 1, 2021 - 4:57 pm

Thanks, it really does help us to shift gears and overcome life-changing obstacles.


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