Would you like a magic button to success?

Something that you only have to press ONE time, never do a thing the rest of your life.



Not going to happen.

The magic button to success is a LIE.

Until of course, you choose it not to be. Do you know what the magic button to success is?


There isn’t a darn thing in this world except you, that can stand between you and your success.

You need to choose yourself for that raise. Tell yourself, I deserve a raise and I am going to give it to myself.

You are the only person that knows for sure if you are capable of being successful or not. But the truth is if you will raise yourself to success, it will eventually happen eventually.

Everything you pursue in business and life should have a purpose. A goal is meant to challenge you, but ultimately that goal is only worth pursuing if achieving it will make your life better than it is now.

Before you continue grinding it out on your journey to your success, stop for a minute and ask yourself if your goals are meaningful and true. If you know with all your heart that the goals you have in front of you will lead you to your ideal life, then you can eliminate the self-doubt right there. If not, it’s time to think things through a little more.

6 months ago I had not the faintest inkling in my mind that I would start a blog. It all changed one day when surfing Pinterest I stumbled across a pin from, The Making Sense of CentsI opened the pin, read Mitchelle’s blog post and subscribed to her newsletter.

I decided from then on, I should have my own blog because the passion I had for writing needed an outlet. My blog, racingtigers.com  went online 3 months later. My husband and I were able to launch a monetized blog ( yes you heard it right) – a monetized blog this was, right from the start. We could do this because of this course that we took on affiliate marketing. If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, then this is the only course you will need.

Everyone’s story is different, but there are a few common principles that can help any venture succeed.

1. Don’t let failure scare you

magic button to success

Telling you that success can’t fail would be a lie. All successful people have had a fair share of failure on their plates. In fact,  successful people have experienced failure a lot many times than the average Joe.  We are all fallible to a wide range of circumstances that may or may not be in our control.

It’s what you do after you fail that will determine your outcome.

True successes recognize the risks and perform the appropriate damage control so that they can get back up from the ground, dust their pants off, and keep charging ahead at full steam.

There will always be obstacles in the path. You need to grow as a person, grow your business, and grow your professional development to knock those obstacles away.

2. Write a journal

magic button to success

“Write a journal? You are kidding me, right?”

No. I’m not kidding.

When reading stories of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires, many of them have said that they write in journals, blogs or memoirs about their life experiences.

It is an incredibly useful tool to find inspiration in successes, and reflect on issues that may be holding you back in pursuing your dreams. The introspective writing process oftentimes allows you to be honest about what has truly happened in your life and can be illuminating about how you have grown as a person.

3. Plan pitfalls diligently

Becoming successful is not without pitfalls.

Big life events can have a significant impact on your financial stability. Purchasing a home, getting married, having a baby, sending the kids to college can all impact your work schedule in a big way where it might take time to build up your money again.

You can plan out your finances ahead of time for certain life transitions.

Consider the financial implications these big life events will have,  and then figure out the best choices to take while creating the right plan of action.

4. Get rid of empty goals

magic button to success

Having goals are great, but figuring out meaningful pursuits are even better.

When I first started out on my online journey, I had no clue where I was going. I wanted to try all of the things all at once to be able to blog successfully. But no sooner did I realize that I was actually running at the same place and that our efforts were not taking us anywhere. It was then that we made a decision to master Pinterest as one of our foremost goals.

I took this amazing course and instantly saw a huge surge of traffic. The course material is crisp yet comprehensive and walks you by the hand so that you make nothing less than a viral pin.

A good guide will always take you by the hand and give you actionable steps that’ll help you reach your goals.

5. Focus

It’s important to have a solid routine before you start working so your day starts off on the right foot and you’re more motivated to get everything done.Before you start your workday, write down whatever it was that kept you from accomplishing your goals the previous day, so that you’re less likely to make the same mistake. To focus like a laser with the end goal clearly visible is an essential part of any successful endeavour

6. Diversify your income stream

You will rarely find a successful entrepreneur who has all of his or her investments in one income stream.

Instead, millionaires have diverse portfolios where they may operate a business, be a partner in another business, be an angel investor in a start-up company, own several investment real estate properties and have invested in financial securities in the stock market.

Having multiple income sources provides for more stability in their financial outlook. Even if something happens with one income stream, the financial impact may be minimal because of the other income sources.

Of course,  this strategy doesn’t mean to throw money all around and see where it sticks to the wall. Millionaires perform their research and aggressively focus their time, work and resources on a single income stream until it becomes stable and self- sufficient. Then they can comfortably pursue the next investment ventures.

7. Surround yourself with like-minded people 

magic button to success

It is important to surround ourselves with people who are like us. That is the basis of rapport. They share our opinions, our views, and our ideals. In fact, you can look at the circle of people you keep close and, by watching their personalities, you can often figure out who you are as a person. If you are a blogger then connect with other bloggers in the same niche as yours. You

Sometimes being surrounded by peers can be a two-edged sword. They can be supportive of what you do, yet they can also hold you back from the person you want to become.

They can fuel self-doubt or not believe in your desires on becoming a success. Successful people surround themselves with friends who have also attained success. Think about who you want to be, personally and professionally, and surround yourself with the right type of people who can offer you the best support.


8. Look for mentors and emulate their success stories

magic button to success

When you read interviews with successful people, they always mention someone they looked up to for support and guidance. They talk about someone they admire based on their business smarts and positive attitude.

Finding a mentor isn’t hard.

There are people out in the world right now doing the things that you want to achieve and they are willing to share information on how they reached success.


Listen to the tips they offer and take them to heart by creating an actionable plan that you can implement immediately.

Perhaps that is the most important tip to keep in mind. Don’t just hear the mentor’s advice. Listen to what they say so you can act on it.

9. Really Understand Your Goals

You can’t reach your end goal without understanding the path you are following.

So if you want to become successful, you have to understand your present goals to make the best decisions. Most people never get over this first hurdle. They are afraid of what they will find, or they see such dismal numbers that they become discouraged and give up before even trying.

10. Fall in Love with Learning

They are constantly reading for personal pleasure and for better professional development. If there is something that they don’t know, they gather as much information that they can so they can make an informed decision every single time.

They will watch podcasts from industry experts, register for webinars, purchase books, listen to audiotapes and take online classes.

Real successes always strive to improve themselves and their learning opportunities, which then transfers over into making the wise choices in real life as well.



It is important to make the best use of every available second to get more out of your day. Working in a disciplined way will help you make the best use of your time.  Try to do the most time-consuming things first so you can get them out of the way. Setting reasonable expectations for each task will help you from not getting disappointed when you don’t accomplish your goals. You shouldn’t give yourself thirty minutes to do something that should take an hour. If you finish a task early, use that time for a quick break. This will motivate you to get more work done.

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