Easy Healthy Cooking Tips for Lazy People

I need this post as much as you because the thought of planning meals, preparing ingredients and cleaning up is sometimes enough to put me off the idea of cooking meals on days when I am too tired, I can’t cook, or too lazy to not want to cook. On such days, I usually hog the internet for easy cooking tips for lazy people like me. Today was one such day, and I was surprised by the variety of info that sprang up on my screen. Since I am neither a new bride nor a new mother, I pretty much already use a lot of them.

And although it’s easier to order takeout, I hate to miss out on the joy and satisfaction of providing my family with a healthy, home-cooked meal that’s filled with love! Here are some ways to keep things simple in the kitchen.

Timesaving methods to bring food faster to the table

Saving time in the kitchen is ultimately a combination of two processes: taking advantage of various timesaving products and clever shortcuts to prepare your meals fast. And, when you do have some time, making the best use of these products by being organized and preparing ahead.

Healthy Cooking Tips: Prepare Vegetables and Salads before hand

Being pressed for time doesn’t mean you have to live on takeaways and commercial frozen dinners. But there are a lot of clever shortcuts and prepared products that can make your life significantly easier without breaking the bank or compromising on nutrition.

Don’t overlook the prepared and semi-prepared vegetables – although slightly more expensive, they are designed to simplify your life. They allow you to skip several fiddly steps in food preparation and their taste and nutrition are generally of a high standard.

Don’t forget frozen vegetables – sliced onions, carrots, spinach, peas, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini, broccoli – the range is as comprehensive as your gre

Use your microwave

Use your oven as often as possible because it’s one of the simplest ways to cook and there’s no need to waste time wracking your brains. Preheat the oven while you’re cutting the chicken into pieces- so it cooks quickly- add a few potatoes, sliced carrots and onions. Drizzle cooking oil, a little oregano, chilli flakes and you are all done.

Use the steamer more often

Not only does it save time, because the preparation and cooking are very fast- but you’ll also have a tasty meal with very little fat.

Wok magic

Perhaps the most obvious tip, but if you don’t own a wok, it’s time to get one and if you already own it, use it more often. A wok allows you to saute, fry stew and steam all sorts of dishes in just a few minutes.

One pot wonders

Simplify your life by using one pot to cook meals. You can brown meat and vegetables in the same heavy-based pan that you use to brown meat and vegetables. Add them to rice dishes and you have a hearth meal.

Healthy Cooking Tips and tricks on how you can plan your meals so they are prepared in a flash

Make a list and shop accordingly

Prepare a list of meals for the whole week and do your shopping accordingly. It makes you a winner on every front: you won’t waste time looking in the fridge every evening, asking yourself what to make for dinner. you’ll be less stressed and you won’t have to do any last-minute shopping in order to get dinner on the table.

Keep your pantry stocked up with the basics

It’s extremely important to have pantry well stocked with the basics at all times. Keep a supply of carbs like rice pasta, and noodles, some canned items like bean and fish, and readymade sauces and soups for a quick meal. Make sure you’ve got your herbs and spices for seasoning, suitable dressings for salads and the right oils for cooking. Having all these items available makes it much easier for you to whip up a meal, especially on days when you’re pressed for time.

Stock up on frozen ingredients

The answer to having good quality ingredients at your fingertips is to utilise your freezer more. Because, as much as we like to plan out our meals for the week and buy all the necessary ingredients in a single grocery run, that doesn’t usually happen. Buy frozen fresh vegetables from the supermarket like peas, corn, broccolli and some seafood. If you know of a reliable fresh seafood supplier or butcher, buy a load and freeze them so they’re ready to use when needed.

Having your commonly-used ingredients on hand will make it much easier to cook at the last minute!

Use weekends effectively

Adapt the type of meal you make to your timetable. If you have more time on Sunday, cook something where the leftovers can be the basis for dinner on Monday. For evenings when you’ll be home late, plan simple menus, or a frozen meal that has been already been prepared and only requires thawing and re-heating.

Invest in a slow cooker

If you never have time to cook casseroles or hearty soups, buy a slow cooker. You can organise it so that dinner’s ready when you want it. Slow cookers are also fantastic tools for cooking delicious, creamy porridge overnight if your family prefers a hearty breakfast.

Prepare some extra batches of food and freeze them

Think big when you’re cooking, you can freeze at least half of what you prepare and you’ll save a lot of time. For example cakes and muffins freeze incredibly well and are perfect for including in children’s lunch boxes. Just think, even by quadrupling only one dish once a week, you’ll have up to 27 dishes in the freezer after 2 months!

I do agree, some of the above are still time taking, and you’re still extremely pressed for time, because you have a hyperactive toddler and work to tackle here are a few more cheat-sheat shortcuts to prepare healthy meals at home.

Because being pressed for time doesn’t mean you have to live on takeaways and commercial frozen dinners. But there are a lot of clever shortcuts and prepared products that can make your life significantly easier without breaking the bank or compromising on nutrition.

Cooking Tips for Quick and Healthy Recipes for all Tastes

Buy a reliable, basic family recipe book where you can quickly find some classics as per your culture and taste

Choose recipes that can easily be made in less than half an hour and that have ingredients you know the whole family will like. Learn some to churn delicious green smoothies or fresh Agua frescas to fix unexpected guests and kids at home.

Start your own recipe collection. Cut out and file magazine recipes that interest you.

Join our facebook group The Recipe Hunter to fix

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In conclusion (some more timely tips)

Before you start following a recipe, read through it to find out what is involved and whether you have the skills to make it. If you do, get out all the necessary ingredients and utensils and put them on the countertop bench. You’ll now be able to cook without interruption

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Justine November 27, 2020 - 12:57 am

Love my slow cooker and am a firm believer in making extra and freezing it. I still can’t manage to cook small amounts which always means leftovers as well. I prefer not to use a microwave for anything more than reheating but can see the benefits. Great ideas Talat!


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